Miranella Fresh-Slice Cutting Board

Product Description

Slice and dice your way to a healthier future!

Expertly crafted. Made from 100% high quality and natural bamboo, the Miranella Fresh-Slice Cutting Board is a simple yet elegantly designed piece of kitchenware, perfect for both healthy food preparation and as a display for deliciously nutritious appetisers when entertaining guests.

Versatile. The clever design of the Miranella Fresh-Slice Cutting Board makes it easy to use on a number of surfaces, making it the ideal solution for those with limited space in their kitchen. Slot it over a kitchen sink and continue to slice those beautifully fresh fruit and vegetables to your hearts content. Or when entertaining guests, use it to display a delicious selection of crudités alongside your favourite healthy dips. You can create the most wonderfully colourful platter by mixing red and yellow peppers, carrot sticks, celery, green beans and cauliflower, which will not only prove artfully striking but has the added benefit of all your daily vitamins and nutrients combined.

Eco-friendly. The Miranella Fresh-Slice Cutting Board not only looks great but has all the environmentally-friendly credentials we as a brand take pride in.  When it comes to the bamboo used for the board, no pesticides and other chemicals are required for cultivation, making it much more friendly to the environment than wooden alternatives. Pollution is also reduced with bamboo cultivation, as the plants reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and also produce more oxygen than their counterparts.

For food that looks and smells and way it should – fresh! With no harmful plastics in sight, the Miranella Fresh-Slice Cutting Board is made from the finest material and follows the strictest quality control. Designed with enthusiastic chefs in mind, particularly those who enjoy nothing more than prepping a healthy, nourishing meal for both friends and family.

  • Made from 100% high quality natural bamboo
  • Finely crafted and well finished
  • Eco-friendly option to all wooden alternatives
  • Designed to slot over a variety of surfaces
  • Multi-functional usage
  • Dimensions: 21.85 x 11.26 x 1.85 inches