Miranella TRU-PRESS Slow Juicer

Product Description


Our devoted engineers have created a dual-stage juicing system to maximize the amount of juice from your fruits and vegetables while minimizing waste, and saving you money. Insert the fruits and vegetables into the large feeding inlet and the TRU PRESS will first slowly masticate each piece, pressing out all of the juice. During the second stage, the pulp is then slowly squeezed a second time to ensure the highest amount of juice yield from your produce, giving you 75% more juice and nutrients than any other slow juicer.

The term cold press slow juicer is used to describe the type of motor used during juicing. By using a lower RPM motor to squeeze the fruits and vegetables, less friction is created during this process leading to less enzyme breakdown in your foods. Higher RPM juicers speed up the oxidation process of the fruits and vegetables, leading to rapid break down of the healthy enzymes your body needs. Miranella has uniquely designed a high-quality, low speed, 50 RPM motor for juicing. Slow juicing does not mean more time spent juicing! Juicing is actually a very fast process.

The TRU PRESS has a large cap feeding inlet, leading to less prep time. You can simply rough chop your fruits and vegetables into 3 inch chunks, and the TRU PRESS quickly delivers delicious, healthy juice at home.

Consuming raw juice will lead to increased energy levels, a strengthened immune system, help to detoxify your body, and assist with weight loss. Juicing ensures you consume a wide variety of antioxidant-rich foods, helping to reduce harmful free radicals produced by the body. Slow juicing is the best way to extract essential vitamins and minerals from raw foods.
If you’re serious about your health, the Miranella TRU PRESS Slow Juicer offers you an easy way to get your 6 to 8 servings of vegetables a day. And you can consume a wider range of vegetables than you would otherwise, giving you more nutrients than you’d get through eating alone. Help sustain your busy lifestyle and boost your energy levels, by quickly making healthy, raw juice at home.


• Easy-to-use juicer.
• High juice yield with no excess waste.
• Engineered dual-stage juicing process, first breaks down the fruits and vegetables and extracts the juice. Then the pulp is slowly pressed and squeezed to remove all remaining juice.
• Slow juicing is the most efficient juicing method – slow juicing does not mean more time spent juicing!
• Low-speed 50 RPM operation eliminates foam or froth formation, thus preventing enzyme oxidation.
• Less prep time with a large feeding inlet.
• Quick and easy assembly.
• Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing.
• Store juice up to 72 hours without degradation.
• TRU PRESS Size: 8.66 inches by 11.4 inches by 20.4 inches