Miranella TRU HYDRATE Hydrogen Water Bottle

Product Description

Hydrate your life through the power of H2!


Great tasting water, for a better you.

Enrich your water with the Miranella TRU HYDRATE Hydrogen Water Bottle, perfect for keeping you hydrated all day long. The Miranella TRU HYDRATE Hydrogen Water Bottle produces hydrogen-rich water through electrolysis – meaning that you can have hydrogen-rich water with a touch of a button.  Make every sip of the water you drink taste crisper and fresher!


All-natural support praised by health professionals

Being up to 60% water, our body loves the natural support that hydrogen water provides. By keeping the body hydrated, it maximizes the body’s ability to keep in ideal biological condition whilst keeping a healthy environment. Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your health, so drink up and be sure to live a healthy, happier lifestyle.


Giving your appearance that extra boost

Not only can the Miranella TRU HYDRATE Hydrogen Water Bottle enhance the freshness of your water, it also has multiple applications as well. With its ionized nature, it is easily absorbed into the skin. It can be used anywhere including your face, hands and hair. Hydrogen-rich water not only gives you that extra boost, but also feels just as refreshing on the skin as it does when you take a sip.


Easy to use and clean.

A wide neck makes filling the bottle up with water a breeze, whilst still maintaining the bottle’s portability. You can choose to drink the hydrogen-rich water straight from the bottle or pour it out into a different glass to enjoy. The high-borosilicate glass and titanium platinum stainless steel make for easy maintenance and storage.


  • 2 fl oz water bottle
  • Hydrogen-rich water through electrolysis
  • Fresher tasting water
  • Sterile water for consumption and skin
  • Portable bottle with an easy to use charging device
  • Non-toxic Lightweight materials: High-borosilicate glass, titanium platinum stainless steel and natural silicone ring
  • H2 Concentration: 0.6 - 1.3PPM
  • Suitable water temperature: 68 - 140 degrees.
  • Charge time: 2-3 hours, allowing you 15-20 uses before re-charging is needed
  • Dimensions: Height: 11.4 inches Diameter: 2.6 inches

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