Miranella Tru Fresh Lunch Box

Product Description

Product Description:

Taste the difference with an airtight food container that works!

The freshest food, for a healthier you.

Ensure the food you preserve for later stays as fresh as it was when you first bought it with the Miranella TRU FRESH Lunch Box. The perfect rectangular size for storage and easy to take with you for the day ahead, the Miranella TRU FRESH Lunch Box allows you to make the most nutritious and freshest meals from your own kitchen and keep them this way until you’re ready to enjoy them for lunch. Featuring a seal-proof lid and ice pack, those cold meats and cheeses will taste as delicious as they do when first removed from the fridge.

Individual compartments for a varied, balanced diet.

Whether you choose to prepare a healthy kale salad or whip up a delectable home-made mushroom risotto, the Miranella TRU FRESH Lunch Box features a large rectangular bowl and three additional containers, allowing you to keep your diet as diverse as possible. Each part of the Miranella TRU FRESH Lunch Box gives enough space for chicken salad, chopped crudites, nutritious dips and sliced fruit, ensuring your regime is well balanced. There is even a section to store cutlery, so lunch can be enjoyed from anywhere, even while on the go.

All-natural support praised by health professionals

A healthy, balanced diet has long been proven to allow your body to function at its best, helping you to fend off disease, feel more energetic and maintain optimal weight. The three principles to a healthy diet are variety, moderation and balance, so ensure you fuel your body properly and take in as many different types of nutrients daily, no matter what the day brings.

Easy to use and clean.

The different compartments make storing food incredibly easy and the ice pack allows you to keep a wide variety of dietary goods as fresh as possible. The size of the Miranella TRU FRESH Lunch Box makes it easy to transport and keep in the fridge. The plastic container and seal-proof lid are airtight once closed and make for easy maintenance and maximum efficiency when it comes to food preservation.

  • 2L capacity rectangular lunch box
  • Airtight preservation with seal-proof lid
  • Ice pack for optimum cooling
  • Fresher tasting food
  • Multiple compartments for a varied diet
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Non-toxic lightweight plastic material
  • Dimensions: Width: 7 inches Length: 4.5 inches Height: 4 inches