Apex 3",4",5",6" Ceramic Knives

Product Description

The healthiest knives on the block.

Sharper than steel. The Miranella Apex Ceramic Knives feature a patented convex edge that cuts smoother and finer than other ceramic knives. One side is ground horizontally and the other perpendicularly, creating a strong, honed edge that slices with precision. Slice a vegetable so thin, it’s translucent. Unlike most knives that are either flat- or hollow ground, the convex grind of the Apex Ceramic Knives gives you a sharper, stronger blade that retains its keen edge much longer.

A hardness, second only to diamonds. What if we told you that the technology behind Miranella’s Apex Ceramic Knives – cold isostatic pressing – creates a tight weave between the molecules in the zirconium oxide used to make ceramic knives, for unmatched hardness, second only to diamonds. To finish, the knives are then put through an expensive sintering process, an extra firing to create the toughest blade. The result is a high density blade that is highly wear-resistant.

Squeaky clean. Ceramic knives are not very porous. And much like skin, the fewer pores, the less dirt and grime can get in. This also means they don’t transfer odors from one food to another. Imagine cutting a spicy pepper and moving on to slice a tomato without transferring any of that spice. The Apex blade is impervious to acids, oil and salts. It will not rust, pit or leave a taste.

For light, swift chopping. Relax those shoulders and arms. When it comes to handling, the Apex Ceramic Knives are incredibly lightweight – sidestep the hand fatigue and effort required by repetitive slicing tasks. With no compromises on precision. You can get the same control as you would with a weightier steel knife. It all comes down to quality and design.        

For food that looks and smells the way it should – fresh! Incredibly sharp, perfectly balanced. Odor- germ- and rust-free. Lightweight and exceptionally comfortable to use. Made from the finest material, with the strictest quality control. For chefs who enjoy making the healthiest meals for their family and friends.